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  •  Q: Critics have said you are falsely claiming to be a former Muslim terrorist. Are your claims false?

  •  Q: Critics have complained that you discussed only radical Islam at the Air Force Academy seminar, and that no other perspective about Islam was offered.

  •  Q: You have been accused of habitually portraying Muslims as inherently violent. Is that true?

  •  Q: Some critics have said your stories of fighting on the side of the PLO as a young boy are too incredible to be believed.
       One critic said you had claimed to infiltrate “Israel to plant bombs via a network of tunnels underneath the Golan Heights.”

  •  Q: Critics have questioned how you could claim to have been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon in the late 1960’s,
       when the Brotherhood was centered in Egypt until the 1980’s.

  •  Q: Critics have criticized you for mixing talk of your Christian faith with discussions of radical Islam and its dangers. What’s your response?

  •  Q: You have been accused of making “nonsensical” claims,” such as being descended from “the grand wazir” of Islam. Have you made such claims.


  •  Q: You recently spoke at the Air Force Academy and were accused of having an agenda to proselytize the military, to convert people to Christianity. Is that true?


  •  Q: Some people, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, have said your talks about radical Islam are full of “hate speech.” Is that true?

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