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Victoria Saleem

Growing Up

Victoria Saleem was born in the heartland, the daughter of a Grocer. She was raised a typical “southern girl”, with hard working values and an independent spirit. Victoria became a Born again Christian in 1983 and attended a prominent bible institute.


She spent 23 years in hotel marketing and management and received several professional acknowledgements. In the 90’s she was recognized by a World Management Forum in Stockholm Sweden for her unique skills in marketing and management. She was also recognized by Travel Magazine as a “women on the move”. Victoria has represented the U.S. market in both Europe and South America. Along with her love of the hotel industry, Victoria also owned and managed two companies of her own creation. She was also blessed to serve as Executive Director of the marketing department for one of the largest ministries in the country for more than 3 years.

Life with Kamal & the Birth of Koome

Victoria married Kamal Saleem, a former Muslim terrorist over 20 years ago. She became ordained in 1998 along with her husband, and together they formed Koome Ministries, a non-profit organization in 2006. Victoria and Kamal share a passion for teaching on Islam's true agenda, and the power of praying for Muslims around the world. While they knew that this ministry would impact many Christian churches and organizations they were amazed at the growth and excitement that their message generated with secular schools, universities and organizations, including Jewish organizations. Victoria’s passion is to teach on the true agenda of Islam.

She has conducted several teaching sessions, “Islam 101”, the power of prayer, and Islam’s effect on women; that serve to Wake up and educate our Nation by answering vital questions such as, ‘Who was Mohammad’, What is Islam’s focus? Why is America now passing laws to specifically accommodate Muslims? ‘How does this all affect You?’ Victoria has an incredibly unique perspective and knowledge on this subject. Victoria reached her goals in the business world and is now dedicated to serving her Heavenly Father through intercessory prayer, teaching, and prophesy of His word through Koome Ministries.


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