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13 Lessons on Political Islam
All Aspects of Political Islam Covered in Less than 100 Pages! Understanding all key facts of Islam,..
A Two Hour Koran
You will comprehend the Koran. Since the Koran is famously known to be unreadable, how can this be? ..
An Abridged Koran
The Koran is very repetitive. The story of Moses and the Pharaoh is told more than 30 times. In this..
Army of God Rising
There is an army of God rising. But who are they? Where are they? How will you know them? Th..
When Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 16 that He would build His church, what would the disciples..
The Tradition of Muhammed (Prophet of Islam) is part of Sunna/Shariah Law. Many people think the Kor..
Islamic Doctrine of Christians and Jews
In Mecca, Muhammad presented himself as a prophet in the line of Jewish prophets. Later, in Medina M..
Islamic Doctrine of Slavery
The modern historical theory of slavery. White men brought Africans to the Western hemisphere, where..
Islamic Doctrine on Women
The role of women in Islam is very different than in our civilization. According to the will of Alla..
Shariah - The Threat to America
The United States is under attack by foes who are openly animated by what is known in Islam as shari..
Shariah Law for Non-Muslims
If you want to lobby against Islam Laws in the US with any legislator, councilman, school board memb..
Sira - The Life of Muhammed
Mohammed’s life (Biography) is an epic story. He was an orphan who rose from poverty to become the f..
Star Spangled Sharia
The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood's stated goal in America is to "destroy us from within".  Star-Span..
The Blood of Lambs - Autographed
Kamal Saleem's The Blood of Lambs is one of the most amazing stories ever told. This intim..
The Coalition
The Coalition written by counter-terrorism expert LTG (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin and terrorism ex..
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