Kamal Saleem has ministered at countless Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, conservative political organizations and rallies. As well as, several state capitals to legislatures, senators and congressmen. Kamal has also spoken at youth rallies, high schools, and universities in the United States, Canada, and across Europe.

As an ambassador of Christ, Kamal has appeared on worldwide radio and television programs including: Fox News, CBN, CNN, TBN, TCT, Day Star, ABN, CTN, The 700 Club, The Jewish Voice, John Ankerberg Show and Morning Star. He has also spoken at the National Day of Prayer, Aglow International, Family Research Council, ACT! America, Oak Initiative, Promise Keepers, various Jewish synagogues, high schools, and universities to include: Berkley, Stanford, Colorado, UC Irvine, Baptist Christian Seminary, Andrew Womack’s Charis Bible College, York University and University of Toronto Canada to name a few. 


Koome Ministries can construct a variety of speaking events within a time frame that best fits your organization’s needs. We offer two distinct seminars that can consist of several hours to several days:

    • A seminar based on our DVD series The Unveiling. The 12 session DVD series is broken down into two distinct categories. ‘The Ugly Truth’ which exposes the truth about Islamic extremism as Kamal explains the worldview, history and practices of Islam. As one who has come from among them, Kamal teaches from a perspective that cannot be ignored! ‘The Beautiful Truth’ explores how Muslims view the Western world and how to overcome cultural barriers. We teach on the do’s and don’ts of sharing Christ with Muslims. Discover how God is calling YOU to rise up and join us in reaching the greatest harvest of Muslims the world has ever seen. 
    • A seminar on “Ishmael Redeemed Called to the Kingdom” in the One New Man. God has given Kamal a revelation on His original plans for the tribes of Ishmael (the Muslim people today). Kamal goes through an in-depth biblical history that is a GAME CHANGER. This will equip you with information that dispels the fear and intimidation of reaching out to Muslims. Koome Ministries wants to empower you with liberty and comfort in bringing Muslims to Christ.


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